2013 The Year of Marketing

Marketing, if you are a small business owner or entrepreneur chances are you have been told the

SRS Virtual Assistant can help you with your marketing needs.

SRS Virtual Assistant can help you with your marketing needs.

most important thing you can do it market your business. In 2012 I started a new business as a virtual assistant. The skills are ones that I had acquired pursuing other venues. But now wanted to grow my business so on an internet chat I was told that every day I needed to market my business. I thought to myself, wow, every single day. 365 days I need to market my business!  How? And that got me started on a pet project that I have been putting down on paper called Marketing 365.

I want to have 365 ideas down on different ways to market a business. Then I can offer it to you and you can share it with a friend and we can all refer to this list when we need marketing ideas. Right now I only have 148 so I need over 200 more ideas. I have all the common ideas on marketing down so I need your help.

Tell me your most unusual marketing ideas and I will add it to my list. Let’s work together and make 2013 the year of marketing!

About Shawn Snyder: My goal as a virtual assistant is to provide small business owners with executive level business and administrative support. I’m here to help your business run smoother and easier. Visit at www.srsvirtualassistant.com.

About Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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10 Responses to 2013 The Year of Marketing

  1. Janet says:

    i’m going to have fun with the blog challenge. I think that’s a form of marketing, in a way. I haven’t done a lot of marketing.. but I engage. (via blogs, challenges, forums, etc) and that’s arguably also a form of marketing! Marketing is definitely something I need to focus even more time on though.
    Janet recently posted..My Top 5 Transformations for the New YearMy Profile

    • admin says:

      You have a great point Janet. Blog challenges can be a great marketing tip and one I don’t have listed yet. Thanks.

  2. Jo Harrison says:

    Well done on starting your VA business Shawn, and what a fab idea about getting together 365 marketing ideas. I might have to come back to you with a tip, I’ll have a think about it! :)
    Jo Harrison recently posted..My Top 10 Posts of 2012My Profile

  3. Helen says:

    i also need marketing ideas … unusual ones but working ones.

    here are some of mine, and i don.t have 148 in store so far.

    * set up a nice flyer and hand it out to people you think might need your help
    * create special packages (and offer them via flyer and website)
    * create an ebook with offers and the way how to work with you for free download
    * business cards help in marketing
    * maybe kind of bookmarks or postcards … an unsual format as an i-catcher.
    * create something as your CI even in clothing … mine e.g. is orange, when i go to meet people who can be customers i use to wear something orange: a scarf, a watch, handbag, shoes … so people will connect me with being orange.
    * be your own brand.
    * sign of your business with logo and addy at your car or bike or fence …

    and spread the word via facebook, linkedin, twitter ………

    good luck hun
    Helen recently posted..Poll: Marketing Ideas – Umfrage zu Marketing IdeenMy Profile

  4. Glenda Cates says:

    I pick out one new business I have not heard of a week and I set out all I can to learn about them then I contact them and offer to feature them on my site for free. When I email them I ask them to send me business cards I can hand out in my State to help them gain new businesses. I figure if I do this for someone in return they may mention my blog. As Paying it forward is a big part of marketing. I also started a local networking group to bring bloggers and direct sellers together as they need each other to grow.
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  5. Laura says:

    I love that visual that you used. My tip (and one that I hope to accomplish) connect with a new prospect each and everyday! Here’s to a bright New Year for one and all!

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