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Todays blog is being written by my newest person to join us on the SRS Virtual Assistant team, Heather. She is talking about WordPress and the different themes. Make sure to read to the bottom where we share an upcoming webinar that we will be having this week.

When I was first leaning WordPress, I was a little bit overwhelmed. There was so much to learn about wordpress themeit: plug-ins, pages, posts and most importantly, themes. The WordPress theme is, essentially, the public image of your WordPress site. It will determine the look and the feeling that you wish to convey to clients visiting your online home. There are thousands of themes available to you on WordPress.org and choosing one can be a daunting task. There are many factors that go into choosing the right one for your business. Cost, feel, mobile support and ease are just a few of those factors.

Your theme need not cost you anything as there are thousands of free themes available. Simply search the free themes from your dashboard. Should you feel that you must pay for a theme, you can keep the cost small or large depending on your budget. Premium WordPress themes come with customer support, which, in some cases, allow for troubleshooting with the theme authors themselves. Keep in mind that if you feel you must purchase a theme, make sure that you stay on the WordPress.org site to purchase it. Going off of the site and downloading a theme can leave you very susceptible to hackers.

It is important to make sure that you choose a theme that feels right for your business and your own personal style. We each like to leave our own mark on things and our WordPress sites should be no different. Although, we recommend Weaver II and Twenty Ten, it is important that you find the theme that best fits your needs. In order to do that, you must play with different themes. Download one or several until you find the theme that best fits your business style. If it’s not right, download another. As with anything, when it is the right fit, you will know.

Mobile support is important for business owners today. Knowing that a client can easily access your WordPress site from their smartphone can put your mind at ease. Several WordPress themes can make this happen for you. Again, you can search these themes from your dashboard. If you have your heart set on a theme that does not support this, there is a way around it with a plug-in. We will discuss that in a different blog.

Ease when working with your theme is also very important. We recommend two themes for WordPress beginners, Weaver II and Twenty Ten. These are two free themes and they are easy for beginners to understand and work with. These themes are tried and true and they don’t break as often as others.

Your WordPress theme is the way your WordPress site will look to your clients. It is important to give your clients a nice, convenient place to come to. Finding the right theme can take time. But when you find it, your site will be perfect. After all, your WordPress site is your online home and you should make it the way you want it.

We will be hosting a webinar all about WordPress, domains, themes, and blogs this week. You can get all the information by clicking here.

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