Beginner’s Guide for WordPress Users

SRS Virtual AssistantWhen I first started to think about having an online business I knew that I would need a website. That was about the only thing I knew. I had no idea how to build one or to even get on built. After some investigating I found and learned that if I wanted to build a business that was the site I needed. To tell you how long it took for me to learn just those few pieces of information would be embarrassing. And actually I didn’t take action on doing that for a long period of time. That was because I simply did not know what else to do.

I, like all good students gathered lots of information. Again, not the right thing to do because after all the reading I was even more confused then in the beginning but slowly began to understand domains, hosting and platforms. I started following people on Facebook and in different classes and instead of helping I felt frustrated and confused. Here they where saying how simple the process was but I was more lost then ever!

Have you ever felt this way? Well, after I fought my way through the learning curb and actually started making some sense of WordPress and what I could do with it. I wanted to help others who truly wanted to learn but needed a basic guide that would walk them step by step through the process and not leave them hanging at a point wondering what to do next.

So, I created the Super Simple WordPress for Beginner’s Guide. And I start at the very beginning talking about domains and the important they will play in your business. Hosting is discussed and how to get it. Then we graduate into the WordPress platform and how to get your very first website set up. I am not going to leave you hanging without support either. There are websites, telephone numbers and emails through out to get to the companies and to get to me as well.

Three bonuses come with the guide the first one talks about the recommended WordPress plugins for beginners. The second one is a guide to help you set up a Blue Host email and the third one helps you to set up an avatar for your WordPress blog. And if that isn’t enough there is even more because there is a 100% guarantee that you get when you purchase the guide.

At only $19 this guide along with all the bonuses will help you on the beginning road of your blog. Click here for more information and to take you to the buy page. 

About Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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10 Responses to Beginner’s Guide for WordPress Users

  1. One of the beautiful aspects of WordPress is it’s ease of use. Until you want to add onto it…
    Kind of like Microsoft Word. It’s easy to type a document, make things bold, italicize them, move paragraphs around… and, then, the fun begins :-)
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..Dialysis BoondoggleMy Profile

  2. I use WordPress for my site and I love it. (I am a collector of those lovely plugins, too. lol) And Blue Host is one of the most awesome hosts out there. I suggest it to everyone who is interested in getting a site of their own.

    The only thing that bugs me about is how the techie experts who try to help you wind up making you even more confused. And some of them get catty at you if you don’t understand the technical jargon they use.

    Most of the stuff I have learned has been through trial and error.
    Angie Schaffer recently posted..The Oscars and the ArtistMy Profile

    • Shawn says:

      Trial & error is a great teacher. That is how I learned most of the higher level things. In the beginning I just needed help to get to the beginning of WordPress.

  3. Toni Nelson says:

    I had my site on another platform which was super easy to use. I had been building websites on it for several years. Then I started to hear more and more about wordpress and new I had to take the plunge. I found it to have a learning curve which I’m working with. The more I use it the more I love it. There are so many amazing plugins like comment luv that are soooo helpful!
    Toni Nelson recently posted..Top Three Budgeting Tools For Your BusinessMy Profile

  4. Jan says:

    Plugins… I collect them and need a sort out!
    I exclusively use WordPress these days, it makes life so much easier and is fairly simple to explain to clients too!
    Jan recently posted..What You Can Learn From Google’s Interflora Ranking MassacreMy Profile

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve been amazed, in general, how easy it is to work with WordPress, even for a techno-stupido like me! This looks like an excellent resource. Thanks, Shawn!
    Amy recently posted..A note about raising boysMy Profile

    • Shawn says:

      WordPress is such a great tool for anyone out there that wants to be on the internet with either a blog or ecommerce. Glad they made it for us non-techies as I like to refer to myself.

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