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Shawn Snyder with SRS Virtual Services has a fantastic team that has been the driving force behind the social media for The Referral Resource Guide. Whether it’s all the attention drawn on Facebook, or the way the posts are driven to Twitter, then showing up on our mobile website everything they do is uplifting, inspiring, motivating and highlighting to the respected businesses with integrity.

I cannot imagine taking time out of my work to insure this type of exposure or being free to showcase these wonderful advertisers as professionally and reliably as SRS. Shawn and her staff have doubled the followers we have on Facebook and we are still growing! These days if you want a strong growing business, you have to be present in all areas of marketing. They can walk you through what would benefit your company the best as they customize what your specific needs are.

I can’t recommend SRS Virtual Services enough in their product and customer service, it is by far a company you can trust to ensure your business gets the exposure it deserves.

BrendaBrenda Ryan Founder/ Publisher
of The Referral Resource Guide


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