Direct Mail Is It Dead?

SRS Virtual Assistant

SRS Virtual Assistant

Do you still use direct mail? There is a debate out there about if direct mail is dead or not. I know of some very successful millionaires who use direct mail in a slightly different way to market to their core audience. The key with direct mail is to make it different then the other hundreds of pieces of mail that is being sent to your customer. There are several different ways to do that.

The most valuable tool in marketing at the lowest cost is a letter. Write one business-getting letter every day. Sometimes we say a system such as direct mail doesn’t work because we don’t work it. Keep writing letters and having a system to it could be worth the cost of .45 cents a day.

Create a letter series in advance to get new business. Mail one letter a month. This is a great way to build a relationship and trust with your customer.

Give out coupons for your products. In your letter series let them know that you will be sending them a coupon for a product. Build the excitement and anticipation. That way you know that your next letter will be opened.

Go outside the box and make your mail different. Use brightly colored envelopes and unique stationary when sending direct mail pieces. Put in an inexpensive item to make your letter bulge. Usually, human curiosity will have them opening the letter.

If you would be interested in setting up one of the above systems for your business contact Shawn at SRS Virtual Assistant for a free 30 minute no obligation strategy session.

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12 Responses to Direct Mail Is It Dead?

  1. Direct mail, direct eMail, even twitter- they are all the same. They mean to convey a message, but the medium differs.
    Find a way to convey your message, test the various media, and determine what works best for you!
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..Two tales- one true, one fiction.My Profile

  2. Dana says:

    Hi Shawn-I like these ideas you’ve suggested. I don’t think direct mail is dead. I like to send out thank you cards to those you’ve impacted me both personally and professionally. And just a few weeks ago, I sent my manifesto and a small journal to two clients I have worked with previously. I know for me, I remember these kinds of things. Happy New Year!
    Dana recently posted..52 Ways to FreedomMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I agree Dana. I think that those of us who do use some form of direct mailing stand out because so many people have left this sound business practice.

  3. Debra Jason says:

    Since many of us are bombarded with email these days, direct mail is growing stronger, not weaker. Numerous studies show that tried-and-true direct mail is still one of the best methods to market your business, product or event.

    Read even more at
    Debra Jason recently posted..What’s Your Word for 2013?My Profile

  4. Julia Neiman says:

    I find myself throwing out more mail than I open these days and I hardly open email anymore either. It’s all more than I have time for right now. So in turn, I don’t send out much mail or email either. I’m looking for other ways to reach folks such as personal contact.
    Julia Neiman recently posted..Thoughts About MoneyMy Profile

  5. Debra Jason says:

    Shawn, I just read a great stat in a newsletter that came in my mail box, it said “90% of consumers say they want to receive sales & promotions via direct mail ….” The source posted is Nielsen Research
    Debra Jason recently posted..What Will Be Your Social Network of Choice In 2013?My Profile

  6. Amy Kinnaird says:

    Shawn, in my work with local small businesses, one of the things I ask them to do is come up with a follow up system that includes direct mail. So I loved your push to do this. Hand written thank you’s are a must, in my opinion. And a whole series of snail mail items is a great idea; you might collect different articles or white papers to send out to prospects, or even clients. That “bulky” mail is effective, and fun!

    And who wouldn’t like a coupon or invitation to a social event?!

    Amy Kinnaird recently posted..What New Doors Will You Open In Your Business This Year?My Profile

    • admin says:

      That is great Amy. Do you read Dan Kennedy, he has all the No BS books. I got to hear him speak on bulky mail and have the book. Full of great ideas.

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