Facebook Games and Contests

by Jennifer Fardello
Social Media Manager for SRS Virtual Assistant

Recently my employer and I were discussing two of the Facebook pages I am managing. We were trying to come up with ways to get more people to engage with us on these Facebook pages.  My employer came up with the idea to have a contest or play a game on these pages. So we talked and A blonde girl at home using a laptop computershe came up the idea to play a game versus a contest.  I will let you know at a later date how that turned out.

So I did some reading and was advised if you are going to have a contest or play a game on social media you need to have a purpose for the contest.  So I asked myself what is it I am trying to achieve.  The goal for my employer and myself is to get more engagement on these two clients Facebook pages.  I want the people to like my post and to commit on my posts and hopefully share my posts with their friends.

So now I have to decide what type of contest or game I am going to offer. Here is an example Tom owns a sunglass company and want to get more orders.  He wants to offer a prize of a his most expensive sunglasses and a trip somewhere warm and exciting for the winner and a guest.  Tom’s goal is that people will like his page comment on it and share this with the people they know.  And hopefully they will order more sunglasses from his company later.  This draws people in and gets them to make comments on a post.  Maybe he post his new hottest purple shades and one of the people who follows his Facebook page sees them.  They like the post and comment about it and share it with their best friend who loves all things purple.  Hopefully the purple lover then sees the posts comments shares the post and orders the shades!

When you decide to have a contest or play a game you are looking for organic views and likes to your page.  You want people to follow you.  Yes with a contest or a game not everyone that participates will continue to follow you but you are trying to build your page up and get your page name out there.  One of my favorite Facebook pages is one where they offered a sweatshirt at a discounted price.  I have since then continued to follow them and have ordered from them three more times.  I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

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