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If you have wondered about the return of investment you will get with Facebook, I The ROI that you need to worry about inunderstand the concern but I would like to share with you the ROI that I believe needs to be focused on when working in social media and that is relationships on investment.

Relationships on Investment (ROI):

Facebook is a relationship based platform. It is a place to build relationships and a presence so people get to know you are there. The important key is to consistently have that presence. Posting several times a day every single day is a key to building that presence. All the time people say to me, “I don’t want to bother people.” A couple of facts; Facebook doesn’t show every single post made to all the people who have liked your page. And two, they are on Facebook skimming through the newsfeed, as long as the posts aren’t the same content that they saw before it’s usually ok with them to see more than one post from you.

One of the numbers you see is the weekly total reach. What this number is telling you is the number of people who saw a post on your page. There are two types of ways for people to see a post, organic or viral. Organic means people see the page on their news feed; while viral means that they saw the post from a paid ad or a post boost.

We build communication on Facebook fan pages, by asking questions and asking for participation. Ask them to click the like button if they like the post, or to click the share button if their Facebook friends would enjoy the post. Comment below with their opinion of the post. This is the period of time where people are learning to know you and you are learning your community as well. It’s what Facebook calls “people engagement” and is one of the numbers that are measured.

The last piece of the report is the “total page likes.” Page likes are very important and good to have. But here is a mistake in the thinking of some people who want to build a large presence quickly on Facebook. They go to different places and “buy” likes for their page. Now, they can have over a 1,000+ likes for their page but have no engagement. It seems unlikely that there would be that large amount of people liking a page but no comments, likes or shares happening. It looks fake because it is, and creditability has just been destroyed in the eye of a potential customer. It’s best to take some time and build likes slower with real people.

After all of this work you have now created the Relationship on Investment! People have watched you and feel like they know you, have decided they like you, and can trust you. Congratulations! This is when you can start seeing return on investment with your Facebook fan page.

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