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SRS Virtual Assistant.comIf you are going to participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge here are a couple of plugins that I would add to your WordPress blog beforehand which will make it easier for you to keep up to date and also help you to know what your numbers are.

Plugin Recommendations:

1. WordPress Editorial Calendar ( Editorial Calendar makes it possible to see all your posts and drag and drop them to manage your blog. By Colin Vernon, Justine Evans, Joachim Kudish, Mary Vogt and Zach Grossbart.

What I love about this calendar is that it helps me to know what I’ve got scheduled to go onto my blog, I can control the date and time that the blog is released. You can work on a subject and hold it in draft form till you get back to it. If you want to run the subject on a different day just drag it to the new day.

2. Google Analytics for WordPress ( plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to your WordPress blog, adding lots of features, eg. custom variables and automatic clickout and download tracking. By Joost de Valk.

This is important to have so you can measure your stats during the challenge. One rule of blogging is always making it measurable. Google Analytics does that for you.

3. Google Analytics Dashboard ( Analytics graph integration. By Carson McDonald.

This graph shows up right on your dashboard and is a great little motivator for you. It shows monthly stats of visits, page views, bounce rates, average time on site and new visits. It then lists your top posts, top searches and top referrers.

These are three of the plugins that I think are the most important for me on my blog when it comes to keeping track of my posts. I know they help and encourage me during the heavy month of blogging during the UBC. They all are free plugins and are easily activated. The Google Analytics will take a little time getting your code. If you need help with it please contact me and I’ll be happy to do that.

Happy Blogging!

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Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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12 Responses to Great Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

  1. Chef William says:

    This is great, I believe I will try loading the third one to my website, I enjoy seeing where I am, so when I start to slack a little, it wakes me up. Thanks for sharing.
    Chef William recently posted..Cactus with Pork and Red ChilesMy Profile

  2. I use the Editorial Calendar all the time. I want your readers to know that it’s not atypical for the calendar to “lose” the ability to publish automatically for you. (It has happened to me and to four or five of my friends, as well.)
    But, being able to move things around, insure continuity of thought over several days, is simply fantastic.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..Surprise! You’re Sharing!My Profile

  3. Toni Nelson says:

    The editorial plugin is one of my favorites! Looking forward to your posts:)
    Toni Nelson recently posted..How Your Blog Is Like Your TVMy Profile

  4. I have not used the editorial calendar. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the tips!
    Nanette Levin recently posted..How to sell is a question with easy answersMy Profile

  5. Thanks! I have the calendar and google analytics, but I didn’t have Google Analytics Dashboard. I’m going to install that and start using it. Anything that motivates me and helps me monitor how I’m doing will move me toward my blogging goals!

    Elizabeth T, Early Rise
    Elizabeth Towns recently posted..Stewardship: Low Points & Gratitude in the StormMy Profile

  6. Bonnie Gean says:

    I’m not one to install too many plugins. In fact, I just dumped a few and it helped to speed the load time of the blog.

    I do have GA though, as it’s important to know how long people are staying at the site – and which exit page they’re using!
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Is Fear the Culprit of Your Stagnant Dreams?My Profile

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