How to Get More Likes On Your Fan Page

SRS Virtual AssistantHow are you doing with our Facebook fan page series? If you have been following along you should have a great fan page set up and going. So now the question is how to get more likes on your fan page. We have talked about content and pictures being posted on your page. You know that the most important thing about having your page found is to be consistant. You won’t have a large following quickly and it will take time for people to know, like and trust you enough to do business with you. Today, I want to share a couple of things you can do to find people who are interested in your niche and will be interested in your product or services.

If you go to your fan page  at the top of the page you will see a button called “build audience.” Click the little blue arrow and it gives several suggestions on whom to invite. You can invite your email contacts, friends and then it says share page.

If you click the invite email contacts it provides several different options of email services.

If you click the search friends there is a button that says recent interactions and lists different geographic areas that your friends live in, then it lists different groups you are a member of in Facebook and then it gives you the different pages that you frequent.

If you click on the share this page it sends out an invite to your page.

The importance of using the build audience feature is because the people who you can invite to your page through this system are people you already have contact with. That means that you probably have similar interests with them. This can help in building a more responsive audience.

The video below shows the different ways to get likes on your fan page.

How to Get More Likes On Your Fan Page

5 Quick and EASY Ways To Get Your Likes:

1.  Invite your friends from your Facebook Profile to LIKE your Page, either through a message or a post on your wall.

2.  Invite people to LIKE your Page from your email lists, email contacts, or newsletter subscribers

3.  Leverage your other Social Networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, or even create a Youtube Welcome Video and post it on your Page or Profile to invite people to LIKE your page.

4. Post a link to your New Page in a Forum signature.

5. Use the Tagging feature on your Page or Profile to help build your community.

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