How to Properly Use an Opt-In Form

Today in business many are looking for a way to grow their customer base. It does not matter if you are an entrepreneur only working online or a brick and mortar store whatever it is you do or sell you need customers. I once heard a speaker say that if you own a business your most important skill was marketing. If you don’t market your business then it won’t be seen by others and your customer base can not grow. Ask any successful business person and I am sure they will agree with that statement.

So, today we are going to discuss one way to grow your business online. The opt-in box that you find on many blogs and other social media of the business owner is a great way to communicate with and grow your business. There are a couple of rules that the opt-in box has. Usually, there needs to be an offer that you are making to your customer that is important enough to them that they are willing to look at your offer and then give you the information you want from them.

The information you are seeking can vary. Usually, the business owner is interested in a name and an email. Perhaps if you are mailing something to the customer you can ask for an address and many are now asking for a phone number. You have to be careful with the number of things you are asking for or give a free offer that is enticing enough to the customer to give a lot of their information on the opt-in form. Understanding that you are at the beginning of a business relationship and people can be wary of giving to much personal information.

There are many different companies that supply the code to make the opt-in forms. We use as the tool to make our opt-in forms. Feel free to visit their site below.

I Heart

Remember the opt-in form is a first step in making contact with your customer and building a trusting relationship of information and offers. You then keep leading the customer forward by getting to know them better and learning what they want and feel they need from you. You have now entered what is called the sales funnel and when you learn all you can about your customer and start filling those items for them is how a small business grows and thrives. If you are not using an opt-in form with your blog and other social media now is the time to put one in place so that you can start building that relationship of trust and support with your customers.


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  1. Another example where a KISS is the best concept.
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