It’s My Birthday and Your Invited

I am getting so excited for my birthday party! Are you coming? It’s on December 30th and I plan on celebrating with everyone and give out prizes and play games and just have lots of fun!  Remember last week when I told you about my dream and we went over the different things that I thought where important in helping other people?

I hope you have had some time to think about it. I know I have. So, if you wanted help with different aspects of social media, blogging, newsletters and so many other tools in running a business or in helping someone else run their business how would you like to get that information?

Are you the type of person who enjoys getting your information through the postal service and having paper to hold while you read and CD’s you can collect and listen to? I know its old fashion type of thought but the pro for this type of physicial product is you have it there and you will actually pick it up and read it or listen to it. It doesn’t just sit on your computer easily ignored. Or do you like instant access to your information? You enjoy your getting, reading and listening to your information online? I know there are people who want it and want it fast. They don’t believe in using the natural resouces for making the product when it can just be on their computer.

We’ll be talking about that and lots of other things on December 30th at  6pm CST. Sign up below to make sure you can get into the party!

 Join Me For My Birthday Party!




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About Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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