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SRS Virtual Assistant

SRS Virtual Assistant

Business cards come in every shape, size and color imaginable. You probably have some of your cards in your wallet somewhere. The question, is there a right way or a wrong way in creating a business card? What I want us to think about is the different things to have on your business card to make it a marketing tool for your business.

Experts say that the most important thing on your business card isn’t necessarily your name but your USP or unique selling proposition. Don’t make someone guess at what your business is and how you can help them. If you don’t have a USP take some time to create one.

Make sure to have your social media information and your website on your business card along with your email. This way a future customer can go and “spy” on you. This refers back to letting someone get to know you and it creates a like & trust factor so they feel more comfortable dealing with you.

Don’t make the print to small on the card and don’t clutter your card with to much information. It’s not a sales letter just a 3.5x 2 inch card. Use both sides of the card you are paying for the entire card use it. Depends on your field what is the best way to use the back space. But use it.

Make your card stand out from the other hundreds of cards out there. Color, graphics, your picture just pick a way for your card to grab the eye.

Give your cards out at appropriate times. When you do give more then one card inviting the person to pass your card along to anyone they know who needs your services.

Tell me how do you use your business cards?

About Shawn Snyder: My goal as a virtual assistant is to provide small business owners with executive level business and administrative support. I’m here to help your business run smoother and easier. Visit at

About Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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21 Responses to Marketing With Your Business Cards

  1. Terry League says:

    Thanks for the great tips Shawn! I’m getting ready to re-design my business cards, so this article comes at the right time :)
    Terry League recently posted..Weekly Social Media Wrap Up – Articles and Links – Jan. 5, 2013My Profile

  2. Laura says:

    Until last year, i never used the back side of my card ~ go figure !
    Now, it has my marketing questions that draw people to me along with information to a free gift on my site. It works like magic!
    Laura recently posted..Quiet Your Mind to find the Answers.My Profile

  3. Like you suggest, I use both sides of the card and because I do my business card brings me business. On the back I have a few questions to help the recipient determine if I’m a good solution for them or someone they know, then at the bottom I have a call to action to get a free Brand Starter kit, attend an event or schedule a session to “pick my brain” – and they work well.

  4. I ran out of business cards many months ago and never re ordered. I like your ideas on what to have on a card and must get new ones.
    What I have done is when I am out and meet someone I ask them for their name, phone number and email address. I immediately put it in my phone and then send them an email connecting with them, sharing how much I enjoyed meeting them, thanking them for their time and letting them know I look forward to connecting again. Thanks for the great ideas. Best Regards, Wendy {Ultimate Blog Challenge}
    Wendy Bottrell recently posted..Give up to Go forward!My Profile

    • admin says:

      Wendy, I am going to write a blog about how to use your phone to market your business. Thanks for sharing how you connect.

  5. Victoria says:

    Great tips! I’ve used business cards for 30 years and know the value and importance of them. Even though I’m retired now, people still ask for my card and since I’m blogging, it has all my info on it. Along with the social sites I’m on.
    Victoria recently posted..Get Your Hoop OnMy Profile

  6. Helen says:

    business cards are very important.
    and in my opinion names on cards are important too … just think big!
    helz-design and srsvirtuualassistance is going to get big, many people will be working for our team shawn, so our customers want to know who is the actual representative of the biz.

    corporate identity is as well important, makes you stand out at a glance.
    imagine my biz card – design like my blog, lovely with an orange.
    people will be able to spot my card among all the bluish and white ones which are so common overhere in germany

    sure use 2nd page as well

    on my 1st page i have my logo, name, profession, street, town, phone, website
    2nd page one block with social media (fb, twitter, linkedin, deviantart) another block with all my blogs.
    to group it i set up one block left and one right and right next to each block a qr code linking to both of my sites.
    Helen recently posted..Poll: Marketing Ideas – Umfrage zu Marketing IdeenMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I love it Helen! I have never used qr codes I know they are hot but seem to be fading somewhat over here in the states. It will be interesting to watch and see what happens with them.

      And of course we are going to be big names in our fields. Who can hold us back! lol. Thank you my friend.

  7. I would love to save up and have a blog redesign and logo created. Once I do that I def plan on having business cards made with ways to connect on social media!
    Diane @ Me, Him And The Cats recently posted..Scaredy Cut Introduces Improved, Innovative Home Grooming Kits for Dogs and CatsMy Profile

    • admin says:

      I like your thought process Diane. Get those cards made, do some networking and I’m sure you will meet many people who can help with the blog & logo work.

  8. Liz says:

    Fantastic article. I need to get some business cards, so this is very timely information!
    Liz recently posted..Change Your Life with 3×5 cardsMy Profile

  9. Totally timely as I am currently reworking my cards. Would love a post on USP.

    Jen Bajackson, LGPC recently posted..Are You Effectively Interpreting Your Environment?My Profile

    • admin says:

      Great! Hopefully, you can take all the tips and make some awesome business cards for yourself.

      PS I’ll work on a blog that talks about USP. It will probably come next week.

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  11. Shea Deroberts says:

    There are some folks who cram up their business cards with all the information it can hold. This is not done, for a business card is business card and not sales literature. Let the additional info be there on your sales literature and keep the business card as simple as possible. This will ensure that the card will be able to pass across the information it was supposed to convey immediately. Would you rather want that the CEO of a reputed company scanned all through your business card just to find your contact information? A proper business card design should have as much `white space as possible on it. People should be able to access the necessary information immediately.,

    • Shawn says:

      I agree with what you are saying. It’s important not to make a sales brochure out of your business card. Contact info is the most important.

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