Multiple Benefits of Reading For Your Business

SRS Virtual A great way to learn your industry is to read about it. There are books for every imaginable niche, business and industry. The great news is that you can use the reading of a book in many different ways to learn and market your business.

First you are going to learn the information that the book has to teach you.

Second, you can write up a review for the book and share it on your blog to be helpful for your readers.

Third, you can review the book in on Amazon.

Now you have multiple benefits from reading one book. You have gained the knowledge the book has to offer, you can give value to the readers on your blog and also make yourself look like an expert with the more books you review on Amazon. So, even if you aren’t a reader maybe you can see the benefit of reading for your business.

Following is a review I wrote for a Dan Kennedy book.

No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs The Ultimate No Holds Barred Kick Butt Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity by Dan Kennedy

Let me start by saying that I am fairly new to the entrepreneurial world and trying to learn things and apply them to my business. One of my greatest frustrations is when reading a book the author dances all around the topic but never seems to get to the heart of what the book is about. This is not the case with Dan Kennedy’s writing! This book is a group of seven No B.S. books, this being the first one I read. I already have the next one sitting on my shelf and have plans to collect all seven. Now if you are a reader who is easily offended or enjoy the nice nice of other authors and don’t want to really get into specific time solutions that perhaps you are making but enjoy doing with no intention of changing then this is not a book for you.

Kennedy explains how to turn time into money. He states that entrepreneurship is the conversions of your knowledge, talent, guts through investment of your time into money.  He gets into specifics with how to do this some of his suggestions were completely new to me and made me think differently in how to handle the things I do for my business. One of his No B.S. time truths is, “If you don’t know what your time is worth, you can’t expect the world to know either.” You are shown how to figure that out. There are things that if you come in contact with them they will suck your time right out of you. The obvious ones; TV, email, telephone. Interruptions destroy much productivity. You have the power to stop those interruptions, get lost, don’t answer the phone, be busy and be obvious about it.

Punctuality is so important with time management. Be there when you promised no excuses, it provides you with personal power. It is a sign of integrity, if you can’t be on time and keep to scheduled commitments how can you expect a client to trust you with more important elements of his business. Not being punctual shows a lack of respect for others’ time, their opinions and way you will handle other type of agreements and contracts. Kennedy goes so far as to determine if he will do business with a person by their punctuality. This leads to your self discipline and the magic power it has to make you virtually unstoppable. Here are three things that can make sure of your rapid advancement in your business; 1. Show up 2. Show up on time 3. Show up on time, ready to work.

Kennedy also gives us 10 different time management techniques in chapter 6. I’m not going to go through them because of space constraints but this chapter is worth the cost of the book! For those of you who travel there is a chapter that deals with that and how to make the best use of your time while you are on the road. One of his best suggestions was to cluster meetings right there at the airport having the clients come to you.

How to handle the information avalanche. If you are going to be in business you need to have good reading skills being able to zero in on the things you need to read and putting the rest behind you. Here is a focus tip for you to use to see if you are reading the right type of material. What do you know this week that you didn’t know last week about 1. Your business 2. Your industry as a whole 3. Your competitors 4 your customers or clients as a group 5. Your top 10, 20 or 30 customers or clients. Another great time truth is “If you don’t manage information you can’t profit from information.”

Entitlement, there is none. Usually a person who is hung up on entitlement is so busy stating how unfair or wrong the system is that they are to busy to actually work. This is where Kennedy puts the rubber to the road and can offend the reader. I loved how he equaled entitlement to a dead end for your business. Get over it and get on with it.

Finally we come to the resources which has the names and information about other successful people and how to contact them and Kennedy’s time truths, which I love!

So if you are ready to move forward I would recommend this book. It’s full of workable ideas and suggestions that make sense and helps you to see that your time can be your money.

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  1. Great review.
    And, the author actually provided the Zeroth rule of Time Management- YOU (i.e., I) am responsible for making the decisions that work to allocate your (my) time!
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..Heat affectsMy Profile

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