Welcome to SRS Virtual Assistant Newsletter!

We have decided to call it Virtually Yours. After all, we may never meet some of you face to face but we will connect virtually through the computer.

Our goal for our monthly newsletter is to share news about social media, the World Wide Web and some marketing strategies. But don’t worry we don’t plan to bore you with all of that because we also will be sharing from our lives from a mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, a baby and a chihuahua there will be some drama! We also plan on some funĀ  jokes, puzzles, and quirky information such as stupid criminal acts and much more!

Just sign up below and if you would like the newsletter mailed to you free of charge include your address.


SRS Gets the Job Done!

Working with SRS Virtual Assistant has saved me time from doing admin work to freeing me to focus on money making actions. I know that my jobs will be done on time, with accuracy and with the minimum of input by me. That is the joy of working with a Shawn and her team they are there to help when I need them and get the job done when I need it. I would not hesitate to recommend SRS!
Roger C

Roger Carroll

Owner of Cowtown Graphics & Signs

4 Responses to Newsletter

  1. Timm Elrod says:

    Hi Shawn,
    Just signend up for tomorrow nights meetup. Hope to see there.
    I think we might be able to work together. Let meet f2f there.

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