Should You Ask For A Testimonial?

www.srsvirtualassistant.comMost entrepreneurs and small business owners work hard to do a good job for their customer and to give good service. It is a lot of hard work but the dream of working for yourself gives the motivation needed to carry through and end the job with good results. In my case and I’m sure with you too it’s a matter of pride knowing I worked hard and gave my clients good service. As well as making sure that they know they will get that same great service when they come back to me.

Asking for monetary payment is usually not a problem. Both sides expect this exchange and it happens with regularity for a business. There is another form of payment I want to talk about and that is the testimonial of a client. This form of payment seems to be awkward for some business owners to ask for. But I’ve learned that most clients don’t have any problem giving the testimonial once the courage has been worked up to be asked for.

I have asked for testimonials over the phone or in email. Because of what I do this is how I communicate with my clients but if you talk with yours face to face that is perfectly ok to ask for a testimonial at the end of a conversation. Some of my clients are happy to provide one they are just too busy to sit down and write it out so I always say that I would be happy to write one out for them and email it to them so they can read it and give the ok for me to use it.

Make sure your client knows where their testimonial will be used. I always tell them that the testimonial will be on my website, I have a page of testimonial take a look here and any printed literature I might use.

Have you asked for testimonials from your clients? Tell me about it.

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Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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6 Responses to Should You Ask For A Testimonial?

  1. I find it awkward to request the testimonial. Since I would write one without prodding (if one can complain, one can easily laud with the same mouth and fingers), I kind of expect the same behavior.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA recently posted..COPD?My Profile

  2. Toni Nelson says:

    I always tell clients that if they are happy with the results they’ve gotten we’d love to share that with others. I also tell them I don’t use their full name. I respect their privacy.

  3. Jan Kearney says:

    Actually asking for a testimonial is my weak point – I find it awkward. I do receive unrequested testimonials, and get such a buzz when I do. Next step is to publish them for all to see :)
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    • Shawn says:

      Jan, actually I never would of done it on my own but it was something my coach told me to do. And everyone was happy to give a testimonial. I had to write a few out for some of my clients. That was hard. But yes, you need to get them published so everyone can see them.

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