The Different Ways to Connect With the Readers of Your Blog

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Since we are spending a lot of time with our blogs this month on the UBC, I thought we would talk about how to use a blog to market your business and connect with your readers. Of course adding new and fresh material to educate your target market is what we are doing every day this month. Normally, I only blog two or three times a week, sometimes it goes longer but that is the normal amount of time I try to add new content to my blog.

But what good is adding content to a blog without connecting with my audience? Here are a couple of things I always try to add in each blog.

A Question: I try to ask a question to my target audience and try to make it an open ended question. I don’t want a yes or no answer because I want to start a dialog with the person.

A Call to Action: Add a call to action at the end of each of your blogs. Tell them what you want them to do. Answer my question, fill out this form for a free gift, sign up here for the class, etc. You need to lead the reader to the next action you want them to do.

Talk back: Respond back to all the comments that you get on your blog. You can start to form relationships with your readers which gets them to trust in you and you become the authority of your market in their minds.

Let me know the different ways you use your blog to connect with your readers.

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14 Responses to The Different Ways to Connect With the Readers of Your Blog

  1. Chef William says:

    I like the reminders, I am always forgetting the call to action which could help in my list building a lot. I don’t believe that I have left to many open ended questions on my blogs but that will because my next challenge. As a Chef, I am sure I could have fun with that. Thanks for the reminder.
    Chef William recently posted..5 Safe Exercises for SeniorsMy Profile

  2. Some great tips for connecting with your blog readers. The asking a question thing is something I’m really working on doing and it seems to help encourage participation.

    Found my way via the blog challenge, and subscribed. :)
    Crystal Touchton recently posted..Being Open To New Ideas Or Methods, Lessons From My HairMy Profile

    • admin says:

      That is awesome Crystal. I know it seems so natural in the writer’s mind that we want to hear back from the reader. But we have to ask them what we want.

  3. Sandi says:

    Hi Shawn, Thanks for your post! It’s amazing how often we don’t put anything into our blogs to encourage engagement. I ask for comments, I sometimes send people to other websites for further edification, or I ask for them to fill out a survey. OR connect with me through signing up for my blog. Thanks again, Sandi
    Sandi recently posted..Boring Weekend? No Need!My Profile

  4. jbledsoejr says:

    CTAs I must do better with. One of the things I am working on. Thanks for the tips Shawn!
    jbledsoejr recently posted..5 Marriage Areas Husbands Need to Protect In 2013My Profile

  5. Beth Camp says:

    I really liked your direct and clear reminders of what we can do to improve our connection to our readers. May I add what I see here: You’re using a larger font than default and nicely bold headings. This makes your blog easier to read, and I will try to do this more (I usually just get caught up in the writing and forget). Also, I’m a little shy about ‘talking back’ but working on this more. I’m here from UBC as a writer who blogs rather than as a writer who markets, so I’m still learning from you pros. Thank YOU!
    Beth Camp recently posted..I don’t remember . . .My Profile

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much for your comments Beth. W are all learning and I love the UBC because we help each other. Thank you for noticing the font & bolds. I have a thing about small font, lol, I can’t read it anymore so I do use larger font. Plus it helps to look like the page is more filled up.

  6. Jan says:

    Great tips, Shawn. Ending on a question works well. I must do better with my CTA’s though!
    Jan recently posted..Why Blog? 7 Reasons Why I Think Business Blogging Is the Bee’s KneesMy Profile

  7. I guess I shouldn’t feel bad as it looks like I’m in good company being challenged with the call to action. I do it once in a while but tend to be a subtle seller so don’t want to overdo it.
    The other thing I’d add to your list (you provide some very good pointers) is to take the time to check out the blogs of those who leave a comment on yours. It really does make a difference in how people remember you. Plus, you might find a wonderful new resource (I know I have many times) for information and reflection.
    Nanette Levin recently posted..Small business blogging funMy Profile

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