The Many Uses of a Landing Page

landing pageIf you have a free offer, a newsletter or even a weekly tips report this is the perfect thing for creating a landing page for. Creating a landing page with an offer and email sign up to encourage people to subscribe to your list is marketing 101.

What should your landing page include? You need an offer of some kind, it can be a free offer to grow a list or it can be a sales offer. (For this blog we are going to be talking about free offers and at a later date we can talk about sales pages.) Your offer needs to be good enough for people to be willing to give you their name and email in exchange for what you are offering them.

You will also need an email marketing software system such as Aweber. There are free and paid versions of software. I started out with a free version and when I switched to Aweber to get more out of a system I lost half my list because you have to get people to sign up again and this is not an easy task. My advice is to sign up with Aweber right from the beginning if you can.

The reason you need this email marketing software is because this is where the list of names and emails is stored. This system is what we will use to send out the free offer that you promised in the landing page and it will allow you to set up other lists and offer other things to people.

A landing page may not seem glamorous but it is the beginning of building your business future. It is the start to staying in contact with your clients and keeping the lines of communication going with them.    

P.S. The picture is the landing page for my newsletter. If you are interested in signing up for it here is the link.

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