This is the Story of the Planner and the Idea Maker

calendarIt’s December! I love this month but I also dread it. When the kids were little and we lived up north I remember the delight of the first snow and how much they loved to go out and play…for 10 minutes and then someone had to go to the bathroom or somebody threw snow in somebody else’s face. Two of my three children have birthdays in December; my own birthday is in December and oh yeah the biggest holiday in the US is in December as well. See what I mean about loving it and dreading it.

I’m a planner, I like to write lists, I like order, and I love a calendar. No wonder I became a virtual assistant. One thing I love about December is that the next month starts a whole new year! I get to go buy a new calendar and start filling it in. It sends a thrill through me just thinking about it. LOL.

I know not everyone is like me. I don’t understand it but there are people out there that would rather chew off their right arm then to plan and schedule and make lists. These types of people usually love thoughts, ideas; they are great at starting things. However, to plan them out and sometimes to put them into action they aren’t so great at.

I’ve learned more and more about this with my business. I’ve met brilliant people who have these ideas but are too busy to make everything happen. I love these types of people because it makes a perfect marriage when we come together. In business the Idea Maker needs a Planner to come alongside of them so that when an idea is formed and decided upon then it can be taken and implemented.

You see, one without the other would not work! If all there where was an idea by the Idea Maker no money would be made. And the Planner without an idea has nothing to keep track off and carry through to action.

Here is the question. Which one are you? If you are an Idea Maker without a planner don’t go into the new year without contacting me! I have a brand new calendar and I’m ready to take your ideas and put them into action. I offer a 30 minute free consult, call me at 682-225-4034 or if you are shy here is a link and you can set up a meeting with me online. Let’s work together and put your ideas into action and make 2014 your best year in business.

About Shawn Snyder

Shawn Snyder owns SRS Virtual Assistant. We work as consultants and virtual help for the entrepreneur and small business owner who is looking for help with their social media needs, email marketing and admin office help.
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3 Responses to This is the Story of the Planner and the Idea Maker

  1. Robin says:

    I’m an idea person….lots of ideas….I’m also a planner, great at breaking projects down and planning what needs done…lots of lists for me. Where I get into trouble is the carrying out. I don’t have enough time to do it all. I usually know what needs done and often how to do it, just don’t have the time to implement and then before I get it off the ground. I have another idea! lol
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  2. Planning is great. I use a form that allows multiple weeks and typically do it mid-month to include the end of the month and the following month. Then I use 3 color inks for my 3 biggest balls that I juggle and pencil for that which is VERY likely to change. I’m a planner but NOT a great ideas / big picture person though. Need to develop that some more :)
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