Thank you for becoming a member of the VAAN Mastermind

Welcome, to the Virtual Assistant Authority Network Mastermind!

1) I am so excited that you joined our group and that we will be working together. As a reminder to you of what you can expect from VAAN on a monthly basis is:

  • A monthly CD deal with the online business world, social media issues and also have great interviews for you. Valued at $77.00
  • A monthly VAAN newsletter. These will always have some great content dealing with online information, social media news and other useful help that you can use with your business today. Valued at $27.00
  • A quarterly call where you can call in and have me answer your specific marketing questions dealing with issues we have talked about over the past couple of months. Valued at $147.00
  • A private Facebook group for members is available to provide a safe place to talk about the issues that you might be dealing with concerning your business. Valued at $47.00
  • PLUS…those signed up for the Mentoring Membership will receive invites to other new information webinars I’ll be holding throughout the year… Valued at $97.00 each
  • You receive this All of this for only $19.97 a month.
  • 100% Guarantee Satisfaction. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your results with our Mentoring Membership then you can cancel it at any time!

2) A couple of things we will be asking you for is your physical mailing address. We figure that the material we are providing for you are important enough to be delivered to you physically.

3) Then, please add my e-mail to your address book so you can be sure not to miss any valuable information. Don’t let your confirmation e-mail get caught in your spam or junk folder!

Welcome to VAAN Mastermind, we are so glad to have you!

P.S. Signing up for any of our materials automatically adds you to our mailing list for SRS Virtual Assistant.

NOTE: If your e-mail address is Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail or Comcast there’s a good chance they will block e-mails from many companies unless you have entered our e-mail address in your address book.

Shawn Snyder

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