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customer-servicesThis blog is written by my assistant, Jen. Join her as she learns and shares about customer service.

If you have ever worked in customer service you will know that the customer is always right. Well that is still true if you are a virtual assistant.   Sometimes what the client wants will not seem like the best way to do something but they are the boss and I need to listen to them or I may not have them as a client for long.

I was lucky in the beginning that I had someone mentoring me about each client.  This most likely saved me several headaches.  My mentor was passing down her knowledge about each of the clients she gave me to work with.  From the beginning I had a clear understanding of what they wanted and expect from me.  All of the hard stuff was already figured out by my boss/mentor.  Have I told you I was really lucky to start out this way?  Well I am telling you now!

As a virtual assistant I need to build a trusting relationship with my clients.    I am being given information that they would not give to just anyone.  They are relying on me to help them grow their business.  Just like any other job you have to keep certain things private. I do not tell anyone the names of the businesses I work for to protect their privacy.  I also do not discuss one client with another client.  Because I have always worked in the medical field before this I think I have a really good understanding of privacy policies.

I also have to keep my word.  If I promise them something I have to come through with it.  Do I really think they care that I had to get all my Girl Scout troops cookies sorted and it took longer than I thought?  They are paying me for a service.  Nor was it their problem when my fifteen month old pulled my computer off the table and broke it.  I had to figure it out and quickly.

I had to figure out how to manage my time.  I have a busy family life with several demands on me.  I usually work from about noon to three pm Monday through Thursday and occasionally on Fridays.  I love that time of day.  I work for four different clients and I know that I want to have them all done by Thursday morning so that when I talk to my boss we can go over anything that I am having a problem with or if there is anything she has concerns with we can discuss it and fix it before Friday.  I try to not work on Fridays if at all possible since I have other things I want to do.  It took me a couple of weeks to figure everything out and I am still trying to get everything running smoothly.  It’s getting easier each week.  I still love being a VA.

Do you agree that customer service is that important?

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