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NAMSI’m sure that if you have spent any time on planet Earth you have had a devastating experience happen in your life. Or you know someone who has had such an experience. Perhaps that is the hardest, to watch someone you love go through such an experience and feel completely helpless to do anything. Such an event happen to a fellow internet marketer and if there is one thing you should know about internet marketers is that we are a pretty tight pack of people. If one of us hurts then we all hurt.

Adela Rubio, from had a horrible experience happen in early February. Her house burned down in an electrical house fire. Adela is part of the NAMS, Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems community. (Click here to find out more about NAMS.) So, when some of the instructors came together and have put on a fire sale to help her with the expenses her and her family will be facing.

There are over 14 courses and products being offered. You would spend over $2,000.00 for everything but as in true fire sale fashion you would only pay about $7 for each course. The sale is running through March 6th and I know you will learn much from the products and also be helping a great person.

Click here a look at the story from Adele’s prospective and then a more detailed description of each of the products. Happy learning and thank you for your help!


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